On the Road Once More

November 29, 2010 at 9:10 am 4 comments

Yep we’re sitting in the car again. I had an awesome time in WV visiting family! I can’t believe its been 5 years since I’ve seen some of them. One thing that I won’t miss however, is the extreme cold. At least, I think that it’s extremely cold. Which is why I’ve had a cup of coffee with every meal so far, something that I don’t usually do, by the way. But it was soooo worth it to get to spend time with my family!!!!

Anyway, now we’re headed to Ohio to visit some more friends. We’re just gonna be there tonight, and head home tomorrow morning. It’s really perfect, because, as I’ve said, its a halfway point between West Virginia and home.

I am actually doing school in the back of the car. Its a Monday, so school as usual for me. Except for Algebra, which I absolutely cannot do in the car. See, my “book” is on a CD, which makes it had to work with in the back seat. I think that I still have 2 lessons from last week to do, 3 from this week, and 2 tests to take. I think that I’ll just do a lot of the other classes today and tomorrow, and spend the rest of my week on Algebra II. Ugh.

Folks, I need new recipes!!!! I actually have a ton written down in my little recipe notebook, but none of them are calling to me right now. Sad, huh? I’ve been wanting to buy some ground turkey and do something with it, that doesn’t require a whole lot of work, but still tastes yummy. I’ve been eyeing a ground turkey chili recipe, but I sort of want something a little more creative. Maybe I’m just too picky???? Well, if anyone has a recipe that has anything to do with ground turkey, could you please comment and tell me what it is??? Or email me the recipe at healthychocoholic@yahoo.com. Whichever you want. I need some inspiration!!!!! =D I promise that if I make someone’s recipe, I’ll give them credit for it!!!! =D

Oh and this week, I will begin my holiday candy box trial period. What is this you ask? I’m planning on making boxes of chocolates to give out for Christmas, but of course I need to make everything before I just give it to my friends. So far, I’ve got peppermint bark, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate pretzel rods, pb truffles, and chewey caramels on my list. Anyone have any other ideas? Is there anything that I should take off???? Please help me!

Well, I know that you are all busy with your own lives and all, so I’ll let you get back to them!!! Happy Monday!


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Last Full Day in WV Home again, Home again

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