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One More Thing we don’t Have

Hey everyone! Thank ya’ll so much for the gluten free recipes!!! I can’t wait to go and buy some almonds to make both the brunsli and the single lady banana cream pie!!!! 😀

So, last night, my mom was going to make some of my dad’s favorite foods for dinner to celebrate their anniversary. Well, as she was boiling the potatoes for mashed potatoes, our gas tank ran out. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but everyone here uses gas stoves. Most of the time, the gas isn’t piped in, you have to buy a gas tank and refill it later. We’ve had this particular tank since just after Christmas, and knew that it would definitely be going out soon (a tank usually lasts about 3 months for us!), but it really was bad timing. Plus, all of the places that refill gas tanks were already closed. So we cooked the rest of our dinner next door. Fun stuff, huh? 😀

I spent a lot of time yesterday working on NSLC stuff….sending out emails asking about corporate sponsorship and all of that. Today, an aunt of mine will be mailing out a couple of my information packages, so we’ll see how that turns out!!! I can’t believe how quickly everything is happening!!!! Before I know it, it’ll be July!! Now, I’m really just waiting to hear back from the people that I contacted yesterday….

So Monday, I revisited an old favorite strength routine!! The 20 minute circuit workout!!! My favorite circuits can be found on the Workin’ it page!!! It had been a while since I did my last circuit workout, and I had forgotten just how tough one can be!! It’s like cardio and strength combined! I’ll definitely start to re-incorporate circuits into my exercise routines!!!!

So, tomorrow and Friday are Brazilian holidays and my sister doesn’t have school!!!! This means that we’re gonna rent some movies and relax a little!! Of course, she’ll still have homeschool to do, but that pretty much only takes up the morning!!! 😀 What’s your favorite thing to do on a long weekend?

Well, that’s about it for me……

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!!


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