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Didn’t See that Coming

Heey everyone! Sorry for not posting yesterday…..I was out of the house all morning and didn’t get home until lunch….after that, I did some school!!!

Anyway, I have been HUGELY blessed! Remember how I was sending out corporate sponsorship requests last week? Well, we’ve heard back from one of the people and he has donated enough to pay for my ENTIRE tuition, plus part of my airfare! Wow!!! I was seriously speechless!!! It was a wonderful blessing, and it made my trip to Chicago feel even more real!!!! 😀

In other news, I have to try out a new sport or exercise type for my PE class…so we’ve been looking at some near-by gyms! Turns out that stuff that I see all you other bloggers out there doing, like Body Pump, Body Attack, RPM, etc, are all offered here!! So excited!! Hopefully I’ll be able to join a gym that has these classes!! hahaha

So in yet more completely random news, we just got a Burger King here! hahaha! I mean, one of the malls had one, but an actual BK restaurant opened up about 5 minutes from home on Sunday! The most exciting thing about that is that it is the only place here where you get free refills!!!! They give you a time limit though…….30 minutes after your order and you can’t get any more refills!! So you know that I sucked down major amounts of soft drink just to say that I got a refill in Brazil! hahahaha I’m so weird!! Its funny though, because a couple of years ago, when the first BK opened in the mall, the Brazilians thought that free refills were the weirdest thing EVER and didn’t really know how to react to them! Some people would bring days-old cups back and others would just stand by the soda fountain drinking and refilling their cups with Coke!!!! 😛 Hence the time limit.

Oh, I STILL haven’t fixed my camera…….I’m just the teeniest bit scared to. I mean, the thing shut off and switched languages, and now I don’t really want to make matters worse……but hopefully it’ll be back up and running soon and I’ll be able to share pictures with ya’ll again!!!

Better be off….I’ve got a couple of tests to take!

What do you have planned for this weekend?


April 29, 2011 at 6:44 am 8 comments

Go Grizzlies!!!!

Hey everyone!!!! Whats up???

I made my first attempt at homemade BBQ sauce last night…..and it was AWESOME!!!!!!  The only thing is that our condiments have more vinegar in them than they do in the states, so we had to cook the sauce a little bit longer so that some of the tanginess would cook out…..but after cooking it for a while, and pouring it over our meat, it was delicious!! Will definitely make again! 😀

Anyway, we had a very Memphis-themed night! After dinner, Dad hooked up the projector and watched the Grizzlies playoff game on the wall! Our friends, who went to the game, called us when they got there, so that was pretty cool! The only bad thing is that the game started at 9 PM here, and I’m apparently a grandma because I got tired and went to bed. I only found out who won this morning…. 😛

Well, in other news, yesterday I weighed myself. After 2 weeks of not gaining anything, I finally gained a half pound….which isn’t much, and just showed my how much I can eat. I’m so active anyway, it takes a lot for me to put on some weight. Like eating half of a 16 oz container of pb in the course of a week a lot. 😛 So, while the past couple of weeks haven’t given me a huge weight increase, I think that they’ve still been learning experiences. I got to see the amount of food that I can really eat without even worrying about gaining any weight, which I believe will help me not stress out as much. So while at first, I felt a little dissapointed at not having gained much weight, I now think that it was God’s way of telling me to let go and live a little. 😀

Before I head out for the day, I want to say that I’m actually working on my camera, and hopefully will be able to post real pictures on here again soon!! 😀

Do you like basketball? If so, what team do you root for?

See ya tomorrow (hopefully with pictures!)!!

Edited to add: I thought that I had posted this in the morning……whoops!

April 26, 2011 at 2:11 pm 6 comments


Hey everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!!! Christ is Risen! 😀

In this family, yesterday was not only Easter, but also my mom’s birthday!!!!!! My sister and I made her a single serving carrot cake, because back in March, on my sister’s birthday, mom said that her cake looked amazing and that she wanted one as well! 😛 We had some family time in the morning, and went to church in the afternoon. The service was really great!!! The church choir did a cantata with TONS of gorgeous music and we really celebrated Easter for what it truly is: Jesus’ resurrection!!!! How was your Easter????

So, today is playoff game day!!! We’re Memphis Grizzlies fans….and my dad has been able to watch the games online! Mom and I are planning a special surprise for him! He always says that the Neely’s BBQ Nachos, which are sold at Grizzlies games, are the best. So, when I saw this BBQ sauce recipe, adapted from the Neely’s, I immediately told my mom. We’re making it for the first time ever today and having some BBQ nachos for dinner!!!! I’m soooo excited because I think that dad will LOVE it!!! 😀 Another cool thing about this game is that my dad’s best friend will be there, so we’re going to “watch out” for him as we’re watching the game!!

As for work, this week I have to wrap up my NSLC stuff so that it can get in the mail to their office in time!!!! I honestly can’t believe how fast time is going by!!! I only have a couple more weeks of school, then a short break, then CHICAGO!!!! Wow!! 😀

What does your week look like????

April 25, 2011 at 5:59 am 8 comments

Nothing Going On

Heeey everyone!!!!! Who else is excited for the weekend?????? I mean, my sister didn’t have brazilian school yesterday or today, but we’ve both still been doing our homeschool, which is why I’m pretty excited to have NO school to do and just hang out with the family!!!

We’ve watched a couple of movies: Hachi and Old Dogs, and still have Reservation Road and Alice in Wonderland to go! Old Dogs was cute, but seriously, if you haven’t seen Hachi, you must. Especially if you love dogs!!! Its the sweetest story ever!!!!! 😀 I got Reservation Road because it looked interesting, so I hope its as good as it looks!! 😀 Then, I chose Alice for two reasons: 1) My dad had said that he would never watch it for reasons unknown to everyone but himself.  2) I was curious to see all of the wild special effects used in this movie! Have any of ya’ll seen Alice in Wonderland? What did you think?

Besides that, I’ve been in contact with a couple of potential sponsors and my aunt has sent them some information packages. Haven’t heard back from either of them, so we’ll see how everything works out in the next couple of days!

About reducing my gluten intake, I think that its really helped a lot. I’ve been feeling a lot better, and while there are probably some other things behind my not feeling so great, gluten was definitely one of them. Also, I’ve noticed that I feel better when I consume a higher quantity of fats. Made me think of Kat’s awesome guest post about fat!!!! If you didn’t read it, you should definitely check it out!!! 😀

We don’t have a whole lot planned for this weekend….probably some more hangin’ out and celebrating Easter and my mom’s birthday on Sunday!!!

What have you got planned for the weekend???

April 22, 2011 at 6:46 am 9 comments

Powerless and Pictureless

Heeey! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! Sorry about my total absence form the blogging world yesterday…..we had no electricity until mid-afternoon, and by then, I really needed to do some school stuff! 😛

I’m also sorry for the recent lack of pictures on here….my camera has gone crazy, is eating through batteries and changed the display language to Japanese….go figure!

So, our weekend was pretty laid back. We mostly hung out at home, got acai and fruit salads on Saturday, made chocolate milkshakes on Sunday, and watched some movies! I made my banana scones for breakfast on Sunday, and today, I made biscuits for my parents’ anniversary(this is the first morning that they’ve been here since their trip!). For some reason, my biscuits did not rise at all, so I ended up with very yummy, flat-as-a-pancake, biscuits, which I named pan-skits. Lovely, right? 😛

I have a LOT of NSLC stuff to do this week: contact people in different businesses, email my aunt and cousin my scholarship “packages” so that they can mail then to the various businesses, look at airfare, and start figuring out what I’ll need to buy when I get to the States (business clothes, for example). Besides all of that, I still have my regular school stuff to accomplish!

About my gluten-free experiment, I really did feel a lot better when I reduced my gluten intake. We have  a friend who is a nutritionist, so we’ll be asking her for her opinion as well. I don’t think that I can completely eliminate gluten right now, mostly because finding gf food here is a lot harder and I still need the extra calories, since I’m trying to gain weight. I will, however, be greatly reducing my gluten intake, especially at night, as that seems to be the worst time for me personally to eat foods that contain gluten. What are some easy gf recipes that I could make here? We do have stuff like gf flour, but its hard to find, so I was wondering if there were any recipes that I could try out that wouldn’t require a lot of special ingredients, but that would still be gluten free.

That’s about it for me….What all do you have on this week’s agenda?

April 19, 2011 at 5:58 am 14 comments

Finally Something to Blog About!

Heeey everyone!!!! I practically disappeared this weekend! Not much went on, and I had a couple of not-so-great moments…but  I’m feelin’ better than ever today!

So glad ya’ll liked Kat’s guest post!!! It was awesome and informative as well!!! 😀

Yesterday, dad took my sister and me to the mall to do some shoppin’! 😀 My sister bought some clothes, and I found this super awesome store that had a bunch of all-natural food and clothing and stuff!!! It was sort of like a mini Whole Foods! Soo, I bought a couple of things! Here they are:

This is the most processed thing I bought. 😛 But it looked really yummy! Its pasta with a mushroom sauce!!!! The thing is, we don’t get mushrooms here, so I was super excited to see this in the store!!!

Crappy pic, but its whole wheat flour! The only other package that I’ve found here cost R$12, and this cost R$3.80 so I had to snag it! 😀

This is a whole fruit bar. I bought two, this one is pinapple and apple flavored. The ingredients list is super short, which I love: pinapple, apple, cashew nuts, brazil nuts, pineapple concentrate, apple juice. That’s it!!!! Neat, huh?

Here’s the other flavor: banana acai!!!!

Finally, I picked up this little gem (which has already been consumed :P)! 70% cocoa dark chocolate!!!! It was the first time that I had ever tried anything that dark, and I LOVED it!!!! I’m the only one in the family, though….my sister was brave enough to try it, but vowed never to do so again…hahaha more for me!!! 😀

So, all in all, I got a nice little haul!!! I definitely have plans to revisit that store again soon! There were tons of other things in there that I wanted to try…from homemade bread to gluten free corn pasta! I need to save up some money, first though! 😀

So besides shopping, I also tried a new breakfast recipe! Katie’s Oatmeal Crepe Cakes!! If you like oatmeal cookies and want to eat them for breakfast (or a snack…..) , make these now!!!! I loved them and will definitely be making them again soon!!!! 😀

Well, I really probably should get started on my school work….

How was your weekend? What was your favorite thing that you did?

April 11, 2011 at 5:58 am 16 comments

New Favorite Sandwich

Hi ya’ll! =D

Yesterday was a pretty good day for me! For starters, I got an awesome kickboxing workout in! I’m pretty sure that it was my pre-workout fuel of PB Capn’ Crunch (a gift from the second group) that did it. After all, when isn’t a good time to eat sugary breakfast cereal? Actually, I’m not much of a cereal person, and I usually don’t like the over sweetened ones (aka Fruit Loops, Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, Frosted Mini Wheats, etc). Growing up, my favorite cereal was always Cheerios. Besides that, the only other cereal I ever really liked was Honey Nut Chex. Which is why I’m suprised at how much I love the pb Capn’ Crunch! 😀 I usually eat cereal as a snack anyway, because its not filling enough for me to make a meal of it. What are your favorite breakfast cereals?

Anyway, I also tried a brand-new sandwich for lunch. First, I thinly sliced up half a large banana, then I drizzled some honey on it, and topped it all off with cinnamon. That alone would have been yummy, but then I got the idea to heat up my sammie on the skillet so that the banana would melt and the honey would go all gooey! Best. Decision. Ever. 😀 And super easy too! I already love pb+banana sandwiches, and I wanted to try something different, and it definitely payed off!


Oh and by the way, my bread is whole wheat with grated carrots! You don’t really taste the carrot flavor, but they give the bread an awesome texture and nutritional profile! Its my all time favorite sandwich bread! 😀

A couple of days ago, when I talked with my doctor, she suggested that I start journaling whenever I feel super stressed out. I have been doing that, and I really do think that it helps. Sometimes I feel that I can write out stuff that I can’t talk about as well. I haven’t even had a meltdown in the past couple of days, which means that I’m still on track! I’ve definitely been feeling less stressed, both as a result of journaling and of our life getting back to its normal craziness as opposed to the group craziness. Not that I minded the groups being here….we had lots of fun! 😀

Well, that’s about it for today…hope you  all have a wonderful Wednesday!

March 30, 2011 at 5:59 am 10 comments

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