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Cookin’ and Workin’ Out

 Morning everyone!! Thanks for all your fun comments about being short! I loved reading them!!!!

So I’m going to do some new workouts this morning, and the 10 minut bootcamp that’s on my workout page already.

Here are the links to the new vids:

Cardio Sculpting:

Cardio Core:

As ya’ll can probably see, my workout is going to be a little more cardio than usual, but I think that both of these videos incorporate strength training, which is good. Especially the Cardio Sculpting one. I read the reviews and apparently I’ve got a lot of squats and lunges in my near future. I’ll tell ya’ll how it went tomorrow!

Seeing as today is a workout day, I have an exercise-related question for ya’ll: What do you eat before and after a workout?

Personally, I always workout in the mornings, but I don’t like working out on an empty stomach. So I’ll have a filling but lighter breakfast, like today I had instant grits (butter flavor), orange juice and coffee with 1 scoop of Aria protein powder. Afterwards, I’ll have a nice sized snack, usually something with plenty of protein. But I want ya’ll’s opinions on the matter! =D

I cooked last niiiight (with my mom!)!!! We made turkey burgers, with baked fries, and steam-in-the bag veggies in cheese sauce. Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of food, but believe me, it was filling!!! We had never made turkey burgers before, but I had read that they need extra seasoning, so we used pepper, seasoning salt, and diced onions in the patties to add flavor to them. They turned out delicious!!!!!  Later, I also tried my new favorite yogurt (besides greek yogurt!). It was the Archer Farms Honey Almond Yogurt, and it was really tasty. I was surprised that the ingredient list was relatively short as well, and had actual honey listed.

Here’s where I bought it! =D

Well, I did take one of the tests that I had yesterday, and will take the other one today and tomorrow, and then I’ll be done with school! =D

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!!


December 16, 2010 at 7:38 am 9 comments

The Attack of the Crazy Coffee Pot

  Good morning! I hope you all are doing well!!!!!

This morning, when I got up, I did what I always do: turned on the coffeepot as soon as I got to the kitchen. I went about making my breakfast, when suddenly I heard this strange sizzling noise. I looked over at the coffeepot, and noticed that even though it had been brewing for a few minutes, there were only 2 cups of coffee in the pot. So I took the pot out of the maching and guess what? Somehow the coffee that was being brewed had missed the coffee pot entirely and was spewing out onto the little heater thing on the coffeemaker. Wonderful. I cleaned it up, and just to make sure that I wouldn’t have another mess on my hands, I held the coffee pot for the entire time the second batch of coffee waas brewing. What a way to start a Thursday. Does anyone else have any crazy cooking stories?

So anyway, I had my coffee (finally), ate breakfast, and worked out.

I did two whole new videos today!!!!!!!! I broke out of my Jump Rope Cardio Rut!!!!! Yipeee!!!

Here are the links:

Sparkpeople Bootcamp Cardio Workout :

Exercise TV Fat Burn Strength Interval:

All in all, the two combined gave me a pretty awesome total-body workout. I ended up sweaty and stinky, which are both signs of a good workout, if you ask me.

So now, I’m basically avoiding my schoolwork. I’ve actually worked ahead a lot, and yesterday I took the free SAT test online for practice. Saturday, I get to take the real deal, and Sunday, my sister and I are doing our proclamations of faith in front of our church congregation! Big weekend. And I still have 3 Algebra II lessons to do before Friday. So you can see why I am avoiding it. Eventually, though, I’ll have to finish the lessons, and when I do, I’m eating the single-serving cup of Mocha Almond Fudge ice-cream sitting in my freezer. I bought it last night!!!! Yummy!


We made our grocery store run last night. Dad hates it, and Mom is still with my grandmother at the hospital, soooo it was the fastest-ever grocery trip. Guess what else I bought???? Cocoa-Roast Almonds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are heavenly!!!!!!! I promise! I ate a bunch!!! And you don’t get chocolate on your hands because the cocoa is baked into the almond. =D

Well, I guess I had better let ya’ll get back to your normal lives….

Oh guess what? I’m cookin’ toniiight!!!! Yipeee

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