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Guess what I made for breakfast? Muffins. Shocker, I know. Sadly enough, I didn’t have the ingredients for a lot of the recipes, and others I only saw this morning. Which just means that I now have a huge list of things to bake for breakfast =D. Not a bad thing. Plus, I slept in a little, so I woke up and whipped up a batch of my banana muffins because I knew we all liked them. I did stir in some chocolate chips, and crumbled up some of my flourless chocolate cookie crumble into the batter. They came out so, so good! =D

Yesterday, I went into my sister’s room and guess who was on my bed (we have a bunk bed…I sleep on top because her room has air conditioning and mine does not)? My crazy cat! Here he is:

Yeah, he’s got it hard.

Anyway, yesterday was pretty quiet. We now only have two more Lost episodes until we finish the season!!! Whoo! =D I’m actually pretty upset by the fact that in one episode, Jin and Sun are reunited and in the next, they drown. Grrrr. I might have cried….just a little bit though.  =P

I got in a good cardio workout, can’t remember the video that I used exactly except for the fact that its definitely on my workout page. hahaha. The most important part of the workout however, was what I refueled with after it. I didn’t have any kale, but I made a banana/honey/coffee smoothie that was pretty stinkin’ fabulous. Simple, but yummy is how I roll. =D I actually forgot to take a pic…..I froze the milk while I was working out and my smoothie was sooo thick n’ creamy that I ate some of it with a spoon!!!

Well, I had better go….time to study for finals!




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Good morning! Hope ya’ll are all doing great! =D

I’m officially crazy. This morning, I opened the microwave so I could heat up some stuff for breakfast, and I found a bowl of grits sitting there. I have absolutely no idea when they were made other than it would have to have been after dinner last night because we used the micro. So guess what I had for breakfast? hahaha They were tasty, though….. =P

Yesterday was a lot of fun! After school in the morning, we watched some more Lost (only 6 episodes to go!!!!) and then Dad treated us to a trip to the acai place close by! I got my ginormous fruit salad (sans guava….blech) and proceeded to eat the entire bowl in about 2 minutes flat. Then, while we were shopping to pick up some snacks, we found french onion dip for the first time ever in this country! Mom and my sister were super-duper excited!!!! And, because my dad informed us that dip can only be eaten while watching sporting events, we watched Remember the Titans! I had never seen it before, but I definitely loved it!!! =D All in all, it was a pretty fun day!

I would like to ask for your prayers today, though. A man who lives in the community where we work was shot in the head the other day and died last night. My dad is about to go to the funeral, and everyone is pretty upset. This man’s sons were involved in some bad stuff, and he was targeted as well. I believe that he was shot twice, the first grazed his head and the other hit his throat, and underwent surgery. He had been in the hospital for a few days, but was severely injured. I ask for prayers for his family during this time.

Now, I have a lighter question for you all. I want to surprise my family with a healthy, but decadent-tasting breakfast tomorrow, but have absolutely no idea what to make…..any ideas?

Well, I had better get going….happy Tuesday!

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