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The Playoff Game

Heeey!!! How are ya’ll?

All of your posts on how its getting warmer and prettier there have me jealous! Rainy season is beginning here, so while its still pretty hot, it can either rain all day, or off and on for weeks at a time!! So far, its been more the rain really hard for one entire day,be pretty-ish the rest of the week, rain really hard again. Blech. And the worst part is, its not a cleansing rain at all, the city just floods and feels dirty and muggy after it rains like that! Can’t wait until August!!!! hahahaha

Yesterday was pretty relaxed… least for me and my sister. In the morning, my parents went to help a friend of ours with a soccer program, and my sister and I stayed at home. We basically just hung out and watched TV on the computer!!! hahahaha Then, when my parents got back, we hung out some more and mom made the most AMAZING spaghetti ever for dinner!! 😀

I don’t know if any of ya’ll know this, but two days ago, the Grizzlies beat the Spurs to become the fourth 8th seed team to ever beat the 1st seed team and move on in the playoffs!!! Their first game in the second round of the playoffs is today, against the Oklahoma City Thunder! Now, I’m not really that into basketball…..or really any other sport. Not really my thing. I know all of this because my dad has told me. He was practically giddy yesterday after he found out that Memphis won, and got even more excited when he found out that their game today is earlier than the past ones have been, so he’ll be able to watch it without having to stay up until midnight or 1 AM!!!

So, I’m finally finishing up this school year!!!!!! In three more weeks, I’ll no longer be in the 10th grade! hahahahaha I’m pretty excited about that! Also, we’re really going to start looking at airfare from here to Memphis, and then from Chicago here!!! I’ll keep ya’ll posted on how that goes!!!

How has your weekend been so far???


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