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Purple Food

So I didn’t get around to baking yesterday….so sad! =( Too much school!!!!! Blegh!

Anyway, I did have a fun snack! Can anyone guess what this purple monster is?

Its a SWEET POTATO! Here we have sweet ‘taters that are purple on the outside and white on the inside! (The one in the picture above has already been sprinkled with cinnamon!)

I didn’t quite know what to expect flavor-wise, but I really liked it! A mild, but still sweet flavor, that I think I like even better than orange sweet potatoes!!!! And it still tasted awesome with cinnamon, which makes it good food in my book! =D Cinnamon+ sweet potato= Happy me!

Someone else had his little sneaky eye on my snack:

Tonight we’re having a friend over for burger night! A little nervous about this, as ground beef doesn’t exactly get along well with my stomach….but I figure, mom’s making peppercorn burgers (my fav), which are worth not feeling so great tomorrow! =D And baked french fries! With barbecue dry rub! Delish! I love having fun Wednesdays…..I guess its nice to sort of take a mid-week break! =D What’s your favorite type of burger?

Oh, I have a question. Is it at all possible for cats to be bipolar? Because if so, I think mine is. I’ve even nicknamed him Dr.Jekyll/Mr.Hyde. Like this morning, he was lying on the couch half-asleep, and 5 minutes later, I scratched his head and he attacked me! Crazy cat. He’s not getting any peanut butter from me any time soon!!!!

Well, I had best be off….I’ve still got Algebra to do!

Hope you have an awesome (and fun) Wednesday!



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