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Got my SAT Scores!!

I just got my SAT scores this morning!!!!! Ya’ll are the first to know. =D

Here they are

Critical Reading: 740            98th percentile

Math: 600                                  75th percentile

Writing: 620                              86th percentile

Multiple choice: 63 (score range 20-80)

Essay: 8 (score range 2-12)

It all adds up to be 2031!! Not bad for a 10th grader, I think…especially when you don’t do so well on timed tests.=P Anyway, at least now I know what the SAT is like and could probably do better next time. Especially on the Math section.

Anyway, I’m gonna workout today, but will probably just use videos that I already have: The Bootcamp Body Makeover from Exercise TV and the Jump Rope Cardio from Sparkpeople. I must say that I really like the bootcamp, because it really worked my entire body, and the next day I felt sore. Which to me, is a positive thing! =P

So I’ve decided on fondue for the party!!! (Thanks Erica! soo sorry! =P) I still need a good recipe though. I’ve seen ones that use evaporated milk and marshmellows with chocolate, and I’ve seen heavy cream and chocolate…..what is the best way to make fondue?

How’s that for a deep, thought-provoking question, huh? =P

Oh and I just wanted to thank everyone who commented yesterday and told me what their faaavorite Christmas movie is!!!! I now have a list of movies to watch! =D

Gotta run….have an awesome day!


December 21, 2010 at 7:39 am 6 comments

It’s Almost the Weekend!!

Awesome giveaway alert!!!!! Head on over to Lovely as Charged for a Chobani greek yogurt giveaway:   

Can you tell I soo want this week to be over????? Due to our road trip, I have both this week’s and last week’s Algebra test to take today. I’m sort of hoping that both of my parents will have temporary amnesia and forget all about them. Yeah, I know its not gonna happen….and really, now that I think about it, tomorrow I’m gonna take the SAT at 8 AM, so Algebra is starting to look pretty good.

   Well in other news, I COOKED last night!!!! Yipeeee! It was pretty simple stuff: chicken cooked with some italian herb seasoning, elbow pasta w/ optional cheese garlic cream sauce (it had maybe 1 tbsp butter, to full tsp minced garlic, maybe 1 C milk, 1.5 tbsp flour, and maybe 1/4 C shredded mozzarella), roasted summer squash and zucchini (tossed with 2 tsp oil, garlic salt, and pepper, and roasted in a 410 degree oven for about 25 minutes) and baked sweet potatoes. Pretty tasty, and I only did one klutzy thing: while flipping the veggies halfway through their baking time, I burnt my arm on the top of the oven. But its not a bad burn, so I’d say that all in all, it was a success!!!! My little sister really liked the garlic cream sauce (I madeit mostly for her because she looooves pasta), I didn’t have any, but I used both my mom’s recipe (garlic, butter, milk, flour) and my “aunt’s” homemade mac n’ cheese sauce for inspiration. My mom was exhausted from being at the hospital, so it worked out well that she didn’t have to plan an entire meal. I really loved the roasted veggies; they almost have a carmelized flavor, and the garlic salt made them taste yummy!!!!!!

  Right now I’m downloading those free WildTangent games to play later because I’m cook like that. Honestly, if any of my friends ever found out that in my spare time I play stuff like “Cookie Domination” or “Cooking Dash” or even “Nancy Drew”, I would never hear the end of it. Not that I really care what they say. As far as I’m concerned, they are missing out! =D This whole paragraph was completely random, but what do you expect when you blog before your morning cup o’ coffee kicks in???? I mean, come on.

Sooo what do ya’ll have planned for the weekend?? Anything special or out of the ordinary????

I’ve gotta go study……if I suddenly quit blogging, you’ll know that I’m in a test coma, and will have to take time to recover…..

December 3, 2010 at 7:26 am 4 comments

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