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Birthday Workout

Good morning!!!!

Yes, I’m working out on my birthday. Wanna know why? It is Tuesday. I workout on Tuesdays. Creature of habit and all. I probably need to work on the whole flexibility thing.

Well, anyway, in honor of my birthday, I chose some new vids, so here are the links:

Booty Burn: (its Cindy Whitmarsh, and I have loved all of her workouts so far)

Sculpt and Burn:

And one of the 10 minute cardio workouts….I haven’t decided yet.

So I really have no idea what I’m going to be doing today….except go out to eat……..and eat ice cream. I’ve never been a big fan of birthday cake….I mean, I’ll eat it, but I was the one with the giant chocolate chip cookie instead of a cake. Or fondue. Or in today’s case, ice cream. And maybe some chocolate something or another…because surprisingly, my ice cream has absolutely NO chocolate in it. But it’s Apple Pie ice cream, which sounded good.

ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!

Do you like birthday cake, or do you eat some other sweet on your birthday?

I’ve already had my party, so today’s just going to be relaxed, I think. I might even read the driver’s manual at some point (ack!). I have to take that test before January 11th….so I’ll probably just end up spending the day in my pjs studying. Fun stuff. I honestly have no idea why anyone even reads this blog, seeing as I’m so incredibly boring. But you do, and as long as someone reads this, I’ll be here. =D

Well, I should probably get going…..what with my busy schedule, I just don’t know what to do first today! =D

Happy Tuesday!


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Cookin’ and Workin’ Out

 Morning everyone!! Thanks for all your fun comments about being short! I loved reading them!!!!

So I’m going to do some new workouts this morning, and the 10 minut bootcamp that’s on my workout page already.

Here are the links to the new vids:

Cardio Sculpting:

Cardio Core:

As ya’ll can probably see, my workout is going to be a little more cardio than usual, but I think that both of these videos incorporate strength training, which is good. Especially the Cardio Sculpting one. I read the reviews and apparently I’ve got a lot of squats and lunges in my near future. I’ll tell ya’ll how it went tomorrow!

Seeing as today is a workout day, I have an exercise-related question for ya’ll: What do you eat before and after a workout?

Personally, I always workout in the mornings, but I don’t like working out on an empty stomach. So I’ll have a filling but lighter breakfast, like today I had instant grits (butter flavor), orange juice and coffee with 1 scoop of Aria protein powder. Afterwards, I’ll have a nice sized snack, usually something with plenty of protein. But I want ya’ll’s opinions on the matter! =D

I cooked last niiiight (with my mom!)!!! We made turkey burgers, with baked fries, and steam-in-the bag veggies in cheese sauce. Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of food, but believe me, it was filling!!! We had never made turkey burgers before, but I had read that they need extra seasoning, so we used pepper, seasoning salt, and diced onions in the patties to add flavor to them. They turned out delicious!!!!!  Later, I also tried my new favorite yogurt (besides greek yogurt!). It was the Archer Farms Honey Almond Yogurt, and it was really tasty. I was surprised that the ingredient list was relatively short as well, and had actual honey listed.

Here’s where I bought it! =D

Well, I did take one of the tests that I had yesterday, and will take the other one today and tomorrow, and then I’ll be done with school! =D

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!!

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Why Were 4-hour Tests Invented Anyway?

Guess where I am riiiight about now???? If you said sitting in a room with a bunch of other people, taking my SAT, you were right! I prewrote this post, so that the good ol’ blog wouldn’t be unupdated (not a word, I know =D) this morning.

Well, I got up at 6 this morning, left at 7, so I could be at the school where I’m taking the test at 7:45. I figure that I’m just about as ready as I’ll ever be….I mean you can’t really study for the SAT a whole lot, except to review some stuff. I’m just taking it now to see where I am, you know, because South American schools don’t exactly offer English and U.S. History classes. Now, ask me any Portuguese or Brazilian history questions, and I’m good to go. Anyway, its a whole lot easier to take the SAT in the States than it is in Brazil.

Now on to my new favorite snack!!!!!!!!! Cocoa roasted almonds in a cup of plain greek yogurt!!!! Yuuuummy!!!!! I promise, this is an amazing combo, especially for those of you who don’t like the flavor of plain yogurt. The cocoa sweetens it up just enough, and the combined protein of the yogurt, fiber and healthy fats of the almonds keep me full for a good long time!! =D

Well, for right now, that’s really all I’ve got!!!! I’ll update ya’ll after the test!!!! =D

December 4, 2010 at 9:10 am 3 comments

It’s Almost the Weekend!!

Awesome giveaway alert!!!!! Head on over to Lovely as Charged for a Chobani greek yogurt giveaway:   

Can you tell I soo want this week to be over????? Due to our road trip, I have both this week’s and last week’s Algebra test to take today. I’m sort of hoping that both of my parents will have temporary amnesia and forget all about them. Yeah, I know its not gonna happen….and really, now that I think about it, tomorrow I’m gonna take the SAT at 8 AM, so Algebra is starting to look pretty good.

   Well in other news, I COOKED last night!!!! Yipeeee! It was pretty simple stuff: chicken cooked with some italian herb seasoning, elbow pasta w/ optional cheese garlic cream sauce (it had maybe 1 tbsp butter, to full tsp minced garlic, maybe 1 C milk, 1.5 tbsp flour, and maybe 1/4 C shredded mozzarella), roasted summer squash and zucchini (tossed with 2 tsp oil, garlic salt, and pepper, and roasted in a 410 degree oven for about 25 minutes) and baked sweet potatoes. Pretty tasty, and I only did one klutzy thing: while flipping the veggies halfway through their baking time, I burnt my arm on the top of the oven. But its not a bad burn, so I’d say that all in all, it was a success!!!! My little sister really liked the garlic cream sauce (I madeit mostly for her because she looooves pasta), I didn’t have any, but I used both my mom’s recipe (garlic, butter, milk, flour) and my “aunt’s” homemade mac n’ cheese sauce for inspiration. My mom was exhausted from being at the hospital, so it worked out well that she didn’t have to plan an entire meal. I really loved the roasted veggies; they almost have a carmelized flavor, and the garlic salt made them taste yummy!!!!!!

  Right now I’m downloading those free WildTangent games to play later because I’m cook like that. Honestly, if any of my friends ever found out that in my spare time I play stuff like “Cookie Domination” or “Cooking Dash” or even “Nancy Drew”, I would never hear the end of it. Not that I really care what they say. As far as I’m concerned, they are missing out! =D This whole paragraph was completely random, but what do you expect when you blog before your morning cup o’ coffee kicks in???? I mean, come on.

Sooo what do ya’ll have planned for the weekend?? Anything special or out of the ordinary????

I’ve gotta go study……if I suddenly quit blogging, you’ll know that I’m in a test coma, and will have to take time to recover…..

December 3, 2010 at 7:26 am 4 comments

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