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Happy Monday!

I haven’t weighed in yet, so I’ll post the results of that tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a good time watching the Super Bowl, if you did! =D

Today, I have a super special guest post for you all!!!! Lindsay from Cotter Crunch wrote it, and I have to say, its awesome!!!!

Here ya go:

Hey there Lovely Healthy Chocoholic Readers! I hope you are all staying warm and enjoying the day. I know Gen is since her season in Brazil is opposite ours right now!

Anyway, when Gen asked me to write a guest post for her I was thrilled. Actually, first I was honored and then I was thrilled. I just love this girl and her positive outlook on life! It’s great to be a part of it in some way. In order to keep that same perspective, I thought I’d talk a little bit about how self esteem can bring great joy to your life.

You see, as you age, you start to really discover who you are. You can either embrace that or reject that. I know we see a lot of young women today who are afraid of being themselves for fear of rejection. Well, let me just tell you, rejection is just God’s way of saying “you don’t need anyone else’s approval but mine!” Wow, that can be hard to hear, but it’s the truth. And you know what, God loves you despite your flaws. Heck, he’s the one that gave those flaws in order to make you UNIQUE. Now I realize that some people do not believe in God, but look at the bigger picture here. You are who you are for a reason, embrace it, love it, and enjoy it!

Be Good To You 


Be Yourself ~ Truthfully
Accept Yourself ~ Gracefully
Value Yourself ~ Joyfully
Forgive Yourself ~ Completely
Treat Yourself ~ Generously
Balance Yourself ~ Harmoniously
Bless Yourself ~ Abundantly
Trust Yourself ~ Confidently
Love Yourself ~ Wholeheartedly
Empower Yourself ~ Prayerfully
Give Of Yourself ~ Enthusiastically
Express Yourself ~ Radiantly

Author Unknown


Can you relate to any of these sayings? Write them all on a separate card and each week rotate through them.

Let’s start with this week.

Treat Yourself ~ Generously

Treat yourself with good nourishing food, treat yourself with daily walks or exercise, treat yourself with the things you love to do, like cooking, taking pictures, or baking. I think I’ll go first. Grab a spatula!

Cheers to YOU!


Wasn’t that awesome?

What are ways that you can treat yourself generously this week?

I plan on fueling myself with good, nutritious, delicious food and also indulging with my family!

Hope you have a great Monday!


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