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More ADD Workouts

Hey! So glad ya’ll liked the monkey cake recipe!!!!!!! We did too apparently, because yesterday there were 12 slices and today there are 2! hahaha You just can’t go wrong with brown sugar+cinnamon!!!! 😀

So, if you remember, last week I shared my all-over-the-place cardio workout. Well, it seems that I like to mix it up with my strength workouts as well! Ya’ll know that I love a good circuit workout, and I’ve recently found a new one that’s AWESOME! Its a good total body workout that keeps my ADD brain happy!

Total Body Circuit

Set 1

  • 25 squats
  • 15 pushups
  • 50 jumping jacks

Repeat 3 times

Set 2

  • 12 burpees
  • 12 alt. lunges each side
  • 20 lying led lifts

Repeat 3 times

Set 3

  • 2 minute run
  • 1 minute plank

Repeat 3 times

And there ya have it! This takes me anywhere from 20 to 25 minutes. Usually I warm up for about 5 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill, so in the end, I have a 30 minute strength workout that keeps me from getting bored!!! Do you have any go-to workouts? 

The funniest thing happened to me the other day as I was coming home from the gym. See, our apartment building has two sets of gates that can only be opened by key or if someone in the building buzzes you in. I got the outside gate to open with the key, but for some reason, the inside gate would not open. And the doorman was out for lunch, so he couldn’t let me in. Which means that I couldn’t actually get to the apartment. I was looking at this:

See that little thing that looks like two light switches? The top ones open this gate, and the bottom opens the outside gate. Just beyond that, are the stairs and the elevator. Wanna know how I got in? I used a broom and hit the top switch with the handle. Oh yeah. I broke in to my own building. I actually tried to get an action pic of me opening the door, but I didn’t set the camera in the right position, so all I got was a pic of the wall. Niiiice. Anyway, by the time I actually got in the apartment, I was laughing that this sort of thing only ever happens to me! 😀

Well, I had better get started on my actual school work………hope you have an awesome day!


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Finally Something to Blog About!

Heeey everyone!!!! I practically disappeared this weekend! Not much went on, and I had a couple of not-so-great moments…but  I’m feelin’ better than ever today!

So glad ya’ll liked Kat’s guest post!!! It was awesome and informative as well!!! 😀

Yesterday, dad took my sister and me to the mall to do some shoppin’! 😀 My sister bought some clothes, and I found this super awesome store that had a bunch of all-natural food and clothing and stuff!!! It was sort of like a mini Whole Foods! Soo, I bought a couple of things! Here they are:

This is the most processed thing I bought. 😛 But it looked really yummy! Its pasta with a mushroom sauce!!!! The thing is, we don’t get mushrooms here, so I was super excited to see this in the store!!!

Crappy pic, but its whole wheat flour! The only other package that I’ve found here cost R$12, and this cost R$3.80 so I had to snag it! 😀

This is a whole fruit bar. I bought two, this one is pinapple and apple flavored. The ingredients list is super short, which I love: pinapple, apple, cashew nuts, brazil nuts, pineapple concentrate, apple juice. That’s it!!!! Neat, huh?

Here’s the other flavor: banana acai!!!!

Finally, I picked up this little gem (which has already been consumed :P)! 70% cocoa dark chocolate!!!! It was the first time that I had ever tried anything that dark, and I LOVED it!!!! I’m the only one in the family, though….my sister was brave enough to try it, but vowed never to do so again…hahaha more for me!!! 😀

So, all in all, I got a nice little haul!!! I definitely have plans to revisit that store again soon! There were tons of other things in there that I wanted to try…from homemade bread to gluten free corn pasta! I need to save up some money, first though! 😀

So besides shopping, I also tried a new breakfast recipe! Katie’s Oatmeal Crepe Cakes!! If you like oatmeal cookies and want to eat them for breakfast (or a snack…..) , make these now!!!! I loved them and will definitely be making them again soon!!!! 😀

Well, I really probably should get started on my school work….

How was your weekend? What was your favorite thing that you did?

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The Truth About Fat

Heeey everyone! Glad ya’ll liked my last post!!! 😀

Not much has been going on here….mostly just school. Last night mom made potato soup (yum) and I  made some rolls to go with it! The recipe is on my recipe page, and if you want quick, hard-to-mess-up rolls, then they are for you!! I did learn that actually letting them rise the full amount of time instead of rushing them really improves the flavor and texture, for some reason….hmm wonder why? 😛

I also tried a new 10 minute workout! Instead of my normal 10 minute jump rope, I did 10 minutes of cardio ballroom dance! It was off the Dance with Julianne Cardio Ballroom DVD, and I did the cha-cha! It was pretty fun! 😀

Anyway, by now ya’ll are probably wondering about the title of this post. Weeell, I have a little surprise for ya! Kathleen from Kat’s Health Corner wrote a guest post for this ol’ blog! Soo, without further ado, here it is:

Hello Fit Chocoholic readers!!! My name is Kathleen and I write this pretty sweet blog called Kat’s Health Corner. I love Gen’s Blog SO much! I am honored to be writing a guest post for Gen today, but FIRST let me introduce myself a little more!

I absolutely LOVE to workout, bake, AND especially blog. 

In my life one of the things I strive for is BALANCE: balance WITH myself, balance WITH life, and WITH the way I eat.

One vital part of the balance with the way I eat is making sure to eat a balance in nutrients. But, one of the hard nutrients I’ve had with balancing in my diet is Fat.

FAT. Yes, you heard that right. I said that F-word: Fat.

Fat has such a bad rap.

Some people predetermine the misconception that eating fat makes you fat. That is NOT necessarily true.

I know from personal experience the importance of fat in our body’s health and well being. A while back, I thought that FAT was EVIL, since that was what I would hear from the media, magazines, and ads. CUT THE FAT. Buy LOW FAT. Eat FAT FREE.

As a result, I started cutting fat out of my diet. My Hair, Skin, and Nails really paid the price for this. My hair lost its softness and glow and became dry and dull; my skin went from smooth and vibrant to rough and dry, and my nails lost their strength and became soft and bendy.

Not only did I see the changes in my hair, skin, and nails, but I noticed I had become significantly tired, moody, and weak. This was not good.

I came to the conclusion of what I needed to do.

I needed to develop a healthy relationship with fat.

Fat plays a HUGE role in our health. It is essential for the hormone processes in our body, the absorption of the vitamins A, D, E, and K. Fat is essential! Fat is essential to our hair, nails, and skin’s health and glow.

We know that fat is imperative, but does the type of fat matter?

Yes. The kinds of fat we eat matter, too. In all, there are four types of fat.

First, there are the mighty Monounsaturated fats, found in nuts, nut oils (like walnut oil), olives, olive oil, and avocados (this is not an exclusive list). One of my favorite sources of monounsaturated fat is ALMOND BUTTER!

Me and Almond Butter; LUV at first sight! 

Second, there are the powerful Polyunsaturated fats (foods high in polyunsaturated fats are rich in omega-3 fatty acids), like those found in sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, fish, walnuts, brazil nuts, canola oil, and PEANUT BUTTER! (this is not an exclusive list)

Peanut Butter Love!  Straight from a spoon is the best way to eat it. 😉

Then, there are the Saturated fats, which come from plant sources (like coconut, coconut oil, and chocolate), and animal sources (like fatty- meats, egg-yolks, and full-fat dairy products). They are also found in many prepared foods. The USDA recommends that we limit our intake of Saturated fats in favor of the Mono- and Poly-unsaturated ones. But remember, Dark Chocolate IS good for you (in moderation of course)!

And finally, the terrible Trans fats. AVOID TRANS FATS LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!! They are chemically altered to where our body can’t recognize them as “real” and doesn’t know how to handle them, so our body just stores it in our hips and our stomach. In several studies, Trans Fats are shown to contribute to Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Liver Dysfunction, Infertility, and Depression.

Don’t trust the Nutritional Labels – make sure to check the Ingredient Lists. Don’t buy anything with fully or partially hydrogenated oils in it – those are TRANS FATS!

We know why fat is important and what the types of fat are. Does the amount we eat make a difference?

Yes. Fat is essential for the hormone processes in our body, the absorption of some vitamins, and the health of our hair, skin and nails (not an exclusive list). Talk to a registered Dietician to see how much is appropriate for you, or check out to get a personalized plan. Everyone’s body is different, so therefore, we each need different amounts.

One thing I would stress is to focus on the Omega 3’s and 6’s.

These are the ones our body CANNOT produce. Some of the foods where these can be found include walnuts, flaxseed, avocados, eggs, salmon, sardines, and tuna. You can also use Fish Oil tablets (if you are not vegetarian), and they even have Vegan “Fish” Oil tablets, which contain the Omegas straight from the plants where fish get them from.

One of the most important things I have learned on my journey for balance is that every nutrient is imperative – calorie, FAT, carbohydrate, protein, water, vitamin, mineral, photochemical – to our overall health.

If I have an imbalance in just one of these nutrients, it wreaks havoc in my entire body. I now strive to feed my body the nutrients it needs—to live in balance—to live in balance with fat.

Kay, that’s it from me my lovelies- I love to meet new people, so be sure to drop by, check me out, and get to know the Kat behind Kat’s Health Corner!!

Questions of the Day (KHC Style!):

How do you view fat?
What are your favorite sources of fat?
What is your favorite nut butter?

Awesome post! Thanks Kat!!! 😀 I’ll go ahead and answer the questions.

1. Fat is definitely the nutrient that I have to work hardest to get, especially living here. There isn’t a lot of fried food, and minimal fat is used while cooking. Which just means that I get to eat lots of peanut butter. Not a bad thing. Especially if there is chocolate invloved.

2. My favorite sources of fat would be nut butter (shocking, huh?), avocado (which we almost never get because I’m the only one that likes them), fish (hello omega-3 fats) and nuts.

3. Favorite nut butter would have to be Dark Chocolate Dreams. I actually haven’t gotten around to trying either almond or cashew butter, but I plan to make both at some point. 😀

Thanks again, Kat, for the wonderful post!!!

Hope you all have a great day!!!!!

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First of all, I want to wish my lovely sister a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! She’s 13 today, and yes, taller than me. Actually, when we found out that she was taller last week, she jumped up and down and shouted: “YES! I’ve been waiting 13 years for this!”. I, on the other hand, was not so enthusiastic. 😛

This morning, I made Katie’s Single Lady Carrot Cake Cupcake for her, and she LOVED it!! Tonight, we’re taking the group out to her favorite restaurant, and then we’re all coming back to the apartment for a dessert time!!!!!

Now, I’d like to share the recipe that I promised. You’ve probably all seen a variation of it before, but its a family fav, so here ya go:

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Oatmeal Bake

3 C oatmeal

2 t baking powder

1 t salt

1 t cinnamon

1 C brown sugar

1/2 C oil

2 eggs

1 C milk

Mix dry ingredients and wet ingredients in separate bowls. Combine all ingredients and bake in lightly greased 9X9 baking dish at 350 F for 45 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. On and I usually sprinkle some more cinnamon on top! That’s all there is to it! 😀

Yumminess! 😀

The past couple of days have been sort of an emotional roller coaster, but I feel that once things settle down a little bit, I’ll definitely stabilize. Thank you all for your sweet words of encouragement!This is a great part of blogging!

Oh, and before I forget, last night, I had half of a MONSTER of a sweet ‘tater! I weighed it and it came in at about 14 ounces!!!!!!! Here’s what it looked like:

Wrapped in plastic, so you can’t really see how huge it was, but believe me, it tasted sooo good! Now, I’m trying to think of a way to use up the other half…any ideas? I usually just eat it baked with cinnamon, but I’ve been looking for something a little different to do, and figured that this was the perfect opportunity! 😀

I had better get going….bout to do some strength training!!!!!!

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Beach Day

Well, today’s the beach day for this group, and we’re trying to get out the door even earlier, so here are some pictures of what we’ve been doing this past week:

Cement Mixing

Painting a window

Some more painting

Throwing stucco

Activities with children

Laying bricks


Busy, busy, busy!!! 😀 Everyone has had an awesome time!!!!! This has definitely been a great group!

How has your week gone? Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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Surprise! :D

Thank you guys so much for the thoughts and prayers yesterday!!!!! I’m going through a little bit of a rough patch right now, but hopefully means that I’ll start heading uphill soon! 😀

My sister and I just hung out at home yesterday, and went to dinner with the group, but today, we’re heading out to work! So excited!!!!!!

Now, here’s the surprise that I hinted at yesterday:

A little while ago I asked Janae to write a guest post for the blog. A couple of days ago, she sent it! I absolutely LOVE her blog and think that she’s an awesome person so I’m really excited that she wrote this post!!!!!!

Here ya go:

I am SO excited to be on Healthy Chocoholic’s blog!! I LOVE Gennifer’s blog and was honored when she asked me on over:)
Today I wanted to talk about the difference between running to lose weight and running because you love it!!
I started running to loose weight.  That is all I thought about and the only reason I did it.
Did I enjoy it? Nope!
Did I look forward to it?  NEVER.
It was miserable.  I was running for all the wrong reasons.  I have never met anyone that truly loves running when they are just doing it to burn calories and get skinny.  When we run for those things our brains view it as a negative thing and therefore dread doing it!!
So, what changed?
How did I change from the girl that looked for every excuse to get out of a run to a girl that CRAVES running and lives for a good run??
1-I signed up for a race because a friend talked me into it.  I realized that I really wanted to do my best (it was a marathon) and that I was really going to have to train HARD to finish the race.  I kind of forgot about ‘calories’ because I was so interested in learning how to train my best.
2-I began fueling my body TO run rather than trying to under-fuel it and run to loose weight. Once I started thinking about the foods that would make me stronger and faster I no longer thought about how many calories I was burning.
3-I started LOVING running because I was seeing results.  Not in regards to weight but because with a lot of hard work I could run longer and faster.  We all love to see ourselves evolve and become better and our brain starts to view running as a POSITIVE thing.
4-Fake it to make it.  If you hate running and you want to LOVE it, CHANGE your perspective.  Tell yourself over and over again that you love the way it makes you feel, that you love hearing your footsteps on the pavement and you love feeling sweat drip into your eyeballs during a hard workout and before you know it it will become habit to think those things about running!!! After a little while you will trick yourself into loving it:)  Our thoughts control EVERYTHING!!!
I hope that you are able to fall in love with ANY form of exercise and reap the mental, physical, social and spiritual benefits of getting a good workout!!!

Thanks Janae for the incredible guest post!!!!

What are your reasons for exercising? What’s your favorite form of exercise?

See ya tomorrow!

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Why We’re Here

First of all, I hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start!!!!

We bought a new printer yesterday, and look who decided he like the box that it came in:


So yesterday, Alex asked me why me family’s in Brasil. So, I thought I’d dedicate today’s post to what we do here.

Since 2004, we’ve lived in Recife, Brasil,population of about 4 million, located on the northeaster coast of the country, about 9 degrees south of the equator. My parents are missionaries here, and originally came to help out with a children home located in one of the poorer areas of our city. While there, they made visits to families in the surrounding community and felt called by God to start work there. About 3 and a half years ago we went to the States on furlough, and when we came back, we began working in this community, called Dois Unidos.

Here’s some pictures:

Food Bank

Soccer Project

Before/After of a house

Building a Church

Over the past 3 years, God has helped us build 25 houses, a church, operate a food bank and soup kitchen along with another church nearby, open a music studio, have activities for children in the community, and start a soccer project. We work with Brazilians, and have a couple of US work teams come every year to complete special projects. God is good and everything we do is because of Him. We’re missionaries with South America Mission and have been for about 3 years.

I love living here! Its home to me! =D If any of ya’ll have any more questions about us being here, feel free to ask them!!!! =D

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

God bless!!!!!

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