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National Student Leadership Conference

Hey everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I sure did! We stayed in pretty much all day yesterday….which was great. We watched You Again (this time with the whole family), I made a chicken soup (really simple: chicken broth, diced chicken, carrots, onions sauteed in garlic, bell pepper, penne pasta, red pepper, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and a dash of chili powder), we ordered acai and fruit salad to eat with the movie, and just relaxed! How was your weekend?

One serious thing that we talked about was the NSLC. A couple of weeks ago, the first group that was here brought some mail for me. I’ve been invited to attend a summer program at Stanford, and also the NSLC. I’ve decided that if I go to one, it’ll be the NSLC. Basically, the National Student Leadership Conference is held at several different colleges across the country (in San Francisco, Washington, Chicago, and St. Louis). There are lots of different topics to choose from (I’m thinking about either culinary arts or business and entrepreneurship). Each session lasts from 6 to 13 days. I’d really love to go this summer, but my parents are worried about my stress levels, and consequently my eating disorder, if I’m basically on my own for a week and a half. So today, I’m going to call a doctor that I saw while we were in the States to get her opinion. The only thing is, in order to go, I’d need a scholarship, and the deadline for scholarship applications is tomorrow! So I really hope that my doctor can talk today! Have you ever done a college summer program? If so, would you say it was a positive experience?

Oh! On a completely random side note, I found this great total body strength routine the other day:

Aaand, I’ve been lovin’ on some tabata intervals for warm-ups!!! Here is my fav:

Gotta love a workout that calls itself “The World’s Fastest”!! hahaha

Hope you have a great day! 😀


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Good morning! Hope ya’ll are all doing great! =D

I’m officially crazy. This morning, I opened the microwave so I could heat up some stuff for breakfast, and I found a bowl of grits sitting there. I have absolutely no idea when they were made other than it would have to have been after dinner last night because we used the micro. So guess what I had for breakfast? hahaha They were tasty, though….. =P

Yesterday was a lot of fun! After school in the morning, we watched some more Lost (only 6 episodes to go!!!!) and then Dad treated us to a trip to the acai place close by! I got my ginormous fruit salad (sans guava….blech) and proceeded to eat the entire bowl in about 2 minutes flat. Then, while we were shopping to pick up some snacks, we found french onion dip for the first time ever in this country! Mom and my sister were super-duper excited!!!! And, because my dad informed us that dip can only be eaten while watching sporting events, we watched Remember the Titans! I had never seen it before, but I definitely loved it!!! =D All in all, it was a pretty fun day!

I would like to ask for your prayers today, though. A man who lives in the community where we work was shot in the head the other day and died last night. My dad is about to go to the funeral, and everyone is pretty upset. This man’s sons were involved in some bad stuff, and he was targeted as well. I believe that he was shot twice, the first grazed his head and the other hit his throat, and underwent surgery. He had been in the hospital for a few days, but was severely injured. I ask for prayers for his family during this time.

Now, I have a lighter question for you all. I want to surprise my family with a healthy, but decadent-tasting breakfast tomorrow, but have absolutely no idea what to make…..any ideas?

Well, I had better get going….happy Tuesday!

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School Overload and Weigh-In #2

Hey! Hope everyone had a restful weekend!!!! I would like to report that we (almost) successfully cleaned out our fridge. The last of the Chinese will be eaten for lunch, and then we can start cooking more stuff to fill up the fridge with! =D Did you do anything special over the weekend?


Sorry for the later-than-usual post, I’ve been doing school basically all morning!! I’m taking a webpage design class, so I had to check out some website formats. I’ve also been working ahead in some subjects so that when a group from our church comes down, I can take some time off of school! So this means that I’ve been doing Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday work in some of my classes this morning! Of course, I had my cat to help me:

I am here to help!

Needless to say, I decided that it was the perfect time to take a break and blog! =D

I weighed in again today. I mean, that’s sort of obvious seeing as its in the title of this post…but anyway I gained another half-pound. I’ve been using some of ya’lls tips and they’re great!! =D Basically, I’m trying to add more sources of healthy fats into my diet to “bulk” up my foods! And I’m also eating more pb than anyone would have ever thought possible….and anymore, I’m never seen without a snack of some sort in my hands! =D

I know that a half-pound isn’t a WHOLE lot, or actually, is very little, but the saddest thing is that I had a mini-breakdown when I did the math (kilos to pounds) and figured out how much I had gained. I’m fine now, but I guess it just goes to show that I still have to fight my Eating Disorder even harder and that its still there, even if I have days where I think that I’m completely better. I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful family to help me and I’ve been praying a lot about it and I’ve finally begun to have a sense of peace about my appearance! =D Good news!

Once I hit 105 again, my mom said that I could start running on one of my two exercise days! I’m soooo excited!!!! Once I hit 115, I can start running for real!!!! That just makes me want to reach my goal even faster! As long as I can maintain my weight, I can run!!!! =D

Well, I had better be off….

Happy Monday!

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I Have a Camera, but no Batteries….

The title of this post says it all.

I bought a replacement camera yesterday, but instead of AAA batteries, I bought AA. So no pictures for the blog today. Some pics are coming soon, though. I promise.

Ok I want ya’ll to pray for Lindsay from Cotter Crunch. She lost her grandmother yesterday.

Today, I have absolutely no idea what workout I’ll be doing, but I’m feeling uninspired, so it’ll probably be one of the videos that are already on my workout page.

Since it is a new year and all, I’d like to ask ya’ll a few things. I know that this blog is a recent thing, and I’m still trying to figure out the blogging world. What are some suggestions that you have that would make Musings of a Healthy Chocoholic more interesting? Is there anything that I should add or remove from the site? I want to hear what you think!!!!

So school is starting back today. I’ve got two brand new classes (Intro to Webpage Design and PE) along with World Lit, Algebra II, Chem, Old Testament Survey and US History 102. Fun stuff.

The main thing that I wish that I had done while on Christmas break is bake all of those things that I was planning to. Somehow it all just got away from me. We visited so many people, because it was our last chance to see some of them for three years. We’re packing, and getting ready to head home. So maybe I’ll bake in Brazil. It is definitely harder there, though,because we have to make a lot of our own stuff. Like taco shells and flour tortillas. And we have crappy cake mixes. And Brazilians feel the need to dump 16 eggs into cakes. And sometimes the grocery store doesn’t have powdered sugar to make glaze, so guess what? We make our own. All you do is pour some sugar in a blender or food processor and whir away until its fine. This is my home. =D

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!

January 4, 2011 at 7:45 am 10 comments

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